WOC 2018 Bulletin No. 3 (PDF).


Event Director Jānis Lazdāns janis.lazdans@woc2018.lv
Event Secretary Inese Purgaile info@woc2018.lv
Finances Ģirts  Mamis  lof@lof.lv
IT Manager Kārlis Osis lvkaos@inbox.lv
Trainings Ritvars Karpikovs trainings@woc2018.lv
Media and communication Baiba Rāta-Saliņa media@woc2018.lv
Arena manager Gunārs Ikaunieks gunars21@inbox.lv
TV-production Karel Jonák  karel.jonak@empro.tv
VIP manager Rota Brūna rota.bruna@fizmati.lv
Transport Māris Heinols maris.heinols@gmail.com
Sales Jānis Bukins janis.bukins@inbox.lv
Sponsors Andis Laveiķis
Accommodation Ildze Straume accommodation@woc2018.lv
Map team:     
Indulis Peilāns (Manager), Ainars Lagzdiņš (Sprint), Atis Zariņš   
(Sprint), Mikus Puriņš (Sprint Relay), Māris Strautnieks (Middle),
Dagnis Dubrovskis (Long, Relay), Leonīds Malankovs (Long,  Relay)
Course team:
Indulis Peilāns (Manager, Long, Relay), Jānis Tamužs (Sprint),    
Mikus Puriņš (Sprint  relay), Aigars Leiboms (middle)

IOF Senior Event Adviser:  Daniel Leibundgut (SUI)
IOF Assistant Event Adviser: Urs Hofer (SUI)
IOF IT Assistant Event Adviser:    Finn Arildsen (DEN)
IOF TV/Arena Assistant Event Adviser:  Daniel Leibundgut (SUI)
National Controller:  Guntars Mankus (LAT)


Grostonas iela 6b, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia
Girts Mamis, tel: +371 26470447, email: lof@lof.lv
WOC Secretary: Inese Purgaile, tel: +371 29751855, email:  info@woc2018.lv


The opening ceremony and sprint races will be held in Riga, the capital of Latvia.
The Riga International Airport (RIX) is the largest airport in Latvia and in the Baltic countries. It is situated 13 km south-west from Riga. The city can be reached by a bus or a taxi. Several car rental companies have their offices in the airport.
Forest races will take place in Sigulda, “the Latvian Switzerland”. Sigulda is 53 km away from Riga and is among the most popular tourist destinations in Latvia. From Riga, Sigulda can be reached by train, bus or car (A2 motorway).


* Provisional, may be changed due to TV requirements


The Event Centre and Event Office is located in the temporary premises of the Culture Centre of Sigulda, 3 Raiņa iela, Sigulda. Location 57°09’18.0”N 24°51’13.9”E.
Phone +371 29751855, e-mail: info@woc2018.lv.
The Event Centre will provide the following facilities: Event Office, toilets, media centre, public area with WiFi access, parking.
The prize-giving ceremony will be held in the square near the railway station (350 m from the event centre).

Please note that the hours are preliminary and may be adjusted.


To inquire about accommodation options still available to teams, media and officials, please contact: accommodation@woc2018.lv


No special catering will be provided in the sprint and sprint relay arenas. During forest events catering points will be set up in the arenas. The teams may pre-order lunches at their own specified time. Please write to: info@woc2018.lv  if you are interested in pre-ordering lunches. The menu offered by the cafeterias in arenas will be published in Bulletin 4.


Suggested means of transport is own or rental cars and minibuses from Riga International Airport (RIX)  to the competition areas. WOC 2018 Official Rental Car Partner is
www.alpharent.lv. Please quote „WOC2018 team” in the Notes section and you will get a special price.
There is an excellent train connection from Riga city centre to Sigulda. The train running schedule is here: www.pv.lv/en/
As to other means of public transport, see: www.1188.lv/en/transport/buses

Compulsory transport
Compulsory transport is offered from quarantine to pre-start areas for the Sprint Qualification, Long Distance and Middle Distance for all competitors and team officials.
As well as from quarantine and pre-start back to the finish arena for team officials.

Parking facilities for teams, officials, spectators
In the Sprint and Sprint Relay events team parking close to the quarantine zone. Others parking is available on public parking spots in Riga. Riga parking must happen strictly outside of the embargoed areas. Information about public parking in Riga: www.rigassatiksme.lv/en/services/parking-services/parking-services/
The organisers will provide special parking lots for teams, media, VIP and spectators during the forest events.


With regard to the IOF Competition Rules (article 26.5), the embargoed areas are forbidden for all potential WOC2018 athletes, team officials and other persons that may be in a position to give information to the team members.
- Starting 3 August 15:00 until end of the Sprint Final competition a full embargo to the Sprint embargoed area applies. Previously open roads shall no longer be used. Also any other means of access to the area (e.g. public transport like bus, tram, train, taxi etc.) is forbidden.
- Starting 4 August 17:00 until end of the Sprint Relay competition a full embargo to the Sprint Relay embargoed area applies. Previously open roads shall no longer be used.
Also any other means of access to the area (e.g. public transport like bus, tram, train, taxi etc.) is forbidden.
- The Relay terrain remains fully embargoed until the end of the Long Distance competition.

More information and maps of the embargoed areas are available on the WOC2018 website: https://www.woc2018.lv/embargoed-areas


Free training possibilities within the boundaries of the Gauja National Park are subject to specific rules. All trainings of a foreign national team and individual athletes should be co-ordinated with the organisers of the event.
We recommend purchasing training maps from the WOC2018 organisers. Only the maps provided by the organisers will have accurate information about the accessible and embargoed areas. In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to mail your questions to the below e-mail address.
Maps printed on paper (laser print)  5 EUR/map
Maps as PDF-files 80  EUR/file
Maps as OCAD-files 150  EUR/file
Team training with flags in the forest (by arrangement)    80 EUR + 3 EUR/map
Team training with SPORTident in the forest (by arrangement) 120 EUR + 3 EUR/map
Training possibilities are available upon request. For more information, please contact: trainings@woc2018.lv
Information: https://www.woc2018.lv/training-opportunities


- There is one class for women and one class for men. There are no age restrictions (Rule 5.7)
- All competitors represent a Federation (Rule 6.5)
- A competitor may represent only one Federation during any one calendar year (Rule 6.1)
- Competitors who are representing a Federation shall have full passport-holding citizenship of the country of that Federation (Rule 6.2)
All athletes entering IOF World Championships (and World Cup competitions) need a
valid IOF Athlete Licence. Read more here: http://orienteering.org/athletes-licence/
The licence is annual and all athletes participating in a Senior World Championship or a World Cup event need to:
1. sign the agreement and send the original to IOF Office. If you are unsure if the original will reach IOF Office before event start date, please email a scanned copy to: iof@orienteering.org
Forms signed previous years are still valid.
2. pay the annual licence fee (30 EURO to be paid in IOF Eventor by Card payment or bank transfer, the Federation can buy a set of licences and assign licence fees to their athletes as well).
Note! Last minute signed forms can be handed over to the Event Office. Please send proof of signing to iof@orienteering.org before handing over to Event Office. Event Office will never handle payments of IOF licence fees, the payments are done in IOF Eventor. If your federation need special arrangements, please contact: david.wastlund@orienteering.org.
WOC 2018 competitions are part of the 2018 Orienteering World Cup. Read more here


The 2018 edition of the competition rules for IOF Foot Orienteering events will be applicable to the 2018 World Orienteering Championships.


All Entries and requests for transport packages are only to be made in IOF Eventor.
Entries via IOF Eventor. The entry form will be available from 14 May 2018 on https://www.eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/5120
The Event start date is 3 August 2018.
Entry deadline for the event is 2 August 2018 at 12:00.
Entries are done by the National team manager. Team manager must make sure that they have the appropriate rights in Eventor to enter the athletes for each competition.

Federation Team Quota - read more here

The following information shall be filled via IOF Eventor:
- Team manager (Chosen from list in IOF Eventor)
- Number of Team athletes (Men and Women)
- Number of Team Officials
- Number of Teams for the Relay(‘s)
The deadline for Team Size Entry is June 3, 2018 (- 2 months).
The following information shall be filled via IOF Eventor:
- Name of each Team Athlete by selecting from federation members in IOF Eventor. The deadline for Team Names Entry is 24 July 2018 (- 10 days).
Names of the competitors and, if required, their starting group, shall be entered in IOF Eventor, before 12 noon on the day before an individual competition.
Names of the competitors and their running order shall be entered in IOF Eventor, before 12 noon on the day before a relay competition. The names of competitors and their running order for Sprint Relay on 5 August shall be entered in IOF Eventor by 19:00 on 4 August.
Late Entries and changes will be accepted, if possible, until 2 August at 12:00. No late entries or changes will be accepted after that date. Late entries and changes will always have a defined extra cost (surcharge). Late entries and changes will always be treated equally and must be communicated directly to the organiser. The organiser makes the changes in IOF Eventor after deadlines.
June 3 to July 24: surcharge 20% on new entries and withdrawals receive an 80% refund.
July 24 to 2 August: surcharge of 50% on new entries, withdrawals receive a 50% refund.
Name changes in this period cost 10 EUR
After the Team Size deadline (-2 months), the organiser will invoice the federation for entries and services. The invoices shall be paid before 22 June 2018 (- 6 weeks). If the Federation have done changes after that date it will be paid/refunded on the event at the Event Office.
Today Eventor does not handle the fees correctly, therefore please wait with the payment until you have received the invoice from the WOC2018 organizer.
The payment should be transferred to the Latvian Orienteering Federation bank account. IMPORTANT – the payer shall cover all bank charges.
Payment details:
Registration No.: 40008021960
IBAN: LV14 RIKO 0002 0131 1137 2
Address: Grostonas iela 6b, Riga, LV-1013, Latvia
Federations can request copies of invoice via email: lof@lof.lv
Accreditation fee for athletes 120 EUR
Accreditation fee for team officials 245 EUR
Sprint (Qualification + Final) 120 EUR
Sprint Relay (team)       215 EUR
Long Distance 90 EUR
Middle  Distance 90 EUR
Relay (team) 215 EUR
Transport package for WOC 100 EUR
Banquet for athletes and team leaders 20 EUR

The accreditation fee for team officials includes: model events, competition maps, start and result lists, team parking
Teams where the functions of the team official are performed by an athlete shall not be charged a fee for a team official.
The WOC entry and accreditation fees include participation in the WOC competitions, model events, competition maps, team parking.
WOC transport package includes transport from the Event Centre to the Sprint, Sprint Relay, Middle Distance, Relay and Long Distance, including all the Model Events.

VIP: s and IOF Officials registration and requests for transportation are to be made in IOF Eventor. There is a specific Guide on how to enter for VIPS and IOF Officials: https://eventor.orienteering.org/Documents/Event/2128/Entry-Guide-for-Media%2c-VIP-and-IOF-Officials
IOF officials hotel is Hotel “Sigulda”, contact: accommodation@woc2018.lv  for accommodation bookings.
Link to registration: https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/5120
FEES (See guide if you are an VIP or IOF Official)
Registration / Accreditation fee 100 EUR
Transport package 100 EUR
The accreditation includes:  
- VIP services in the competition arenas
- Competition maps  
Registrations must be confirmed by 03.07.2018.
IOF Officials have no fee (See guide if you are an VIP or IOF Official).


There are no regulations regarding clothing. Choice of footwear is free for Long Distance, Middle Distance and Relay. Shoes with any kind of metal (spikes, dobb spikes) are not allowed for Sprint Qualification, Sprint Final and Sprint Relay.
Team tents will be allowed at Prestart zone of forest events in Sigulda and Turaida.


Doping is strictly forbidden and the organizers of WOC 2018 are dedicated to supporting the anti-doping authorities in their work.
Doping tests are always carried out in accordance with the procedures described in the WADA International Standard for Testing. The IOF Anti-Doping Code and rules and the World Anti-Doping Code 2015 apply as of 1st January 2015.
Athletes who are selected for the doping tests must bring an official identification (with photo) to the doping test area. The athlete should also bring along their therapeutic use exemption (TUE) if applicable. In general, it is advisable that the athletes bring along their ID to all the competitions and events.
For more information, please consult: http://orienteering.org/anti-doping/


August in Latvia is the second warmest month of the year, with average temperatures between 18°C and 20°C, while maximal temperature up to 30°C is possible. July and August are also the months most abundant in precipitation. In August, already during a course of many years, in 13-16 days on average are rainy, with average monthly rainfall amount throughout Latvia 78 mm.   
Wild bees can be possibly encountered in middle, relay and long distance areas.  Ticks,  carrying  Tick-borne  encephalitis  and  Lyme-disease  are  present  in  Baltic  countries.


Nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and any third-country national holding a residence permit of a Schengen State do not need a visa to enter Latvia. For more information, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  http://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/consular-information/entry-into-schengen


For all the finals TV / LIVE production is planned. For qualification competition only live results will be provieded.


The Media Centre will be located in the Event Centre, situated in the temporary premises of the Culture Centre of Sigulda, 3 Raiņa iela. Media areas in the arenas are equipped with all necessary communication facilities. Special access to terrains may be provided for accredited photographers.
Press conferences will be held in the media area at the arenas directly after the flower ceremonies at every competition day, depending on the starting times for men and women.
Media Accreditation gives rights to enter designated areas and use designated services for media; receive course maps, start and result lists; refreshments at the media facilities.
Media accreditation is done in IOF Eventor, https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/5120
 Please read through the accreditation guide before entering:  
There is no fee for media accreditation. All accredited media are requested to show their passports (and/or press cards) as proof of identity when collecting their accreditation documentation at the Event Centre. Please do let us know if you are unable to pick up your accreditation at the Event Centre, then we find another solution.
There is no dedicated transportation for media personnel. Though we might be able to arrange transportation to dedicated photo controls in the forest during some of the competition days. There will be media parking areas on each race day. A media parking permit will be provided in the accreditation package.
A WOC 2018 media package will be available when you pick up your accreditation. This will contain essential information about the event and the races including more detailed information on media access to race terrain, media parking permit, and a copy of Bulletin 4.
Media who wish to cover the Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships, have to fill the accreditation form by 3 July 2018.
Info meeting for all media will be held on every competition day in the Media Centre.
We will announce the meeting times at least 2 weeks before the event.
Media contact: Baiba Rāta-Saliņa, WOC Media Manager, Mobile +371 29893328 Email: media@woc2018.lv


The IOF/VIP/Media race will take place on Wednesday, 8 August in Līgatne (20 km from Sigulda). A very beautiful area with numerous sandstone rigs (cliffs) and caves. For more information, see http://www.visitligatne.lv
The race will have 3 different courses: short, middle and long. The race is open during 14:00-16:00. Refreshments are offered after the race.  
Entry to the race will be available at  www.woc2018.lv
The IOF/VIP/Media race entry deadline is July 3.


SPORTident Air+ touch-free punching system will be used in all competition formats.
Air+ chips will be provided by the organisers.
GPS-tracking is provided in all finals by GPSseuranta. All runners in the finals will be using tracking devices.


Technical Model is in Riga near the Model of the Sprint competitions. The start, finish and control set-up used at the WOC competitions and the device used for punching and timing will be demonstrated. Runners will have the possibility to test the equipment.
The sports drinks used at the refreshment controls will also be served.
The WOC maper team also mapped all Model maps.
More details will be published in Bulletin 4.


Saturday, 4 August
Day 1, Riga, Kronvalda Park – sprint.
Sunday, 5 August  
Day 2, Carnikava – long distance.
Monday, 6 August  
Rest day for WOC and LOW participants; excursions.
Tuesday, 7 August
Day 3, Latvian
Ethnographic Open Air Museum, forest sprint.
Wednesday, 8 August     
Day 4, Sigulda – middle distance.
Thursday, 9 August
Rest day for LOW participants; excursions.
Friday, 10 August    
Day 5, Mazie Kangari – middle distance.
Saturday, 11 August
Rest day, WOC long distance
Sunday, 12 August
Day 6, Turaida – long distance.
More information about spectators race “LATVIA O-WEEK” in web page: https://www.woc2018.lv/o-week/


Maps are drawn according to the International Specifications for Orienteering Maps (ISOM 2017) and the International Specifications for Sprint Orienteering Maps (ISSOM 2007).

Links to previous maps of the competitions areas can be found at www.woc2018.lv/old-maps/
Preliminary course information:


Sprint Qualification
Sprint Qualification will be held in a part of Riga centre which is a mix of separate business areas, some residential and enclosed areas, and a park divided by impassable watercourse.
Sprint Final will be held in the Old Town of Riga (UNESCO World heritage site) – a medieval city that continued to evolve over the centuries.
Sprint Relay
Sprint Relay will be held in a part of Riga on the left bank of the river Daugava – the city’s territory developed in the first half of 20th century, with some later developments. Urban area: mostly private and multi-apartment residential housing, and a park.
Middle Distance
Ravines next to the Gauja river with tiny rivulets. Spruce and pine forest of medium runnability.
Many deciduous trees in the flood-lands next to the river, making running hard. Height difference 75 m.
Relay and Long Distance
The ravine of the Gauja river valley with side ravines. Forests of various types. Roads
and paths of various categories. Height difference 95 m.


Athletes are offered pure water and sports drink at the refreshment stations. Sports drink offered from ISOSTAR. More information about refreshments in Bulletin 4.


There will be marked coaching zones in the arenas when there is an arena passage.
Two accredited coaches per team are allowed inside the zone.


Team officials’ meetings will be held in the Conference Hall “Sigulda” on the ground floor of the Hotel Sigulda. The distance from the Event Centre is 50 m. Use parking at Event Centre and not at Hotel Sigulda


Sprint Qualification
Sprint Qualification location in the city centre of Riga. Arena location 56°57’21.9”N 24°06’27.0”E
Sprint Final
Sprint Final location Old Town of Riga. Arena location 56°56’50.9”N 24°06’23.5”E
Sprint Relay
Sprint Relay will be held in Āgenskalns  district  in  Riga,  located  at  the  left  bank  of   Daugava. Arena location 56°56’29.8”N 24°04’56.3”E
Middle Distance
Middle distance location in the city Sigulda. Arena location 57°08’24.8”N 24°49’01.0”E
Relay and Long Distance
Relay and Long distance location around the castle Turaida. Arena location 57°11’12.0”N  24°51’01.9”E

WOC 2018 Bulletin No. 3 (PDF).


Nokian Tyres


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