The World Trail Orienteering Championships 2018 will be held in Daugavpils, Latvia.
Daugavpils is situated in the south-east of Latvia, 232km from Riga. It is only 25km from Lithuania and 35km from Belarus. The town is divided in half by the River Daugava and is surrounded by
woods and cultivated land.
Daugavpils was granted the rights of a town in 1582. However, it was already used for trade and military needs long before that. Over the centuries its name was changed repeatedly until in 1920 it became the Daugavpils that we know today.
The town, with Dinaburg Castle at its very heart, was founded by the Livonian Order and has been ruled by Poles, Swedes, Russians, and Germans. The history has left its mark on Daugavpils, in its architecture, the diversity of its residents, and its culture.
Nowadays, in terms of population, Daugavpils is the second-largest town after Riga which makes it an important economic, cultural and tourism centre and a home for one of the biggest regional universities.

Distance to Daugavpils:
• From Riga 230km (3h by car)
• From Vilnius 180km (2.5h by car)
• From Tallinn 520km (6.5h by car)
• From Moscow 770km (9h by car)
• From Berlin 1180 km (13.5 h by car)
Travelling options to Riga:
• Airplane to Riga International Airport (RIX)
• Ferry to Riga Passenger Terminal (from Stockholm)
Travelling options from Riga to Daugavpils:
• Train from Riga Central Station to Daugavpils Train Station
• Passenger’s bus from Riga International Bus Terminal to Daugavpils Bus Terminal
• By car
• There will be arranged transportation from Riga to Daugavpils upon request


Event Centre will be located in Park Hotel Latgola. Prize-giving ceremony will be held in the square Vienības laukums right next to it.
Address: Ģimnāzijas iela 46, LV-5401, Daugavpils Map
Contact phone: +371 28388828, e-mail: liga.ruksane@woc2018.lv (Līga Rukšāne)
If you have any questions, please use contacts mentioned before.



Map and course authors: Jānis Gaidelis and Atis Rukšāns. Standard of the map ISSOM. Scales and contour intervals of the maps Model, TempO, PreO day 1, 2 and relay are 1:4 000, 2,5m.
August 5, Model 1, Stropi internātpamatskola
Coordinates - Lat: 55.9055785, Lon: 26.5823477

Map: Stropu estrāde, 1:4000, e=2,5m, ISSOM
Course: 11 controls + 1 TC with 2 tasks, 1 TempO station with 4 tasks. Length – 0.98 km, control
time – 63 minutes. There will be a section of course covered with carpets for testing purposes
and one-way movement principle. Distance from parking to start - 200m.
Services: Refreshments and toilets for disabled at parking place.

August 6, TempO competition, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre (DMCAC)
Coordinates – Lat: 55.8841809, Lon: 26.4977344

The competitors have to arrive in qualification quarantine by 9:00 (located near Nicholas gates)
and they are not allowed to visit the Arena before competition. The final quaratine will be located in DMCAC which has to be entered by 14:30.
Map: CIETOKSNIS, 1:4000, e=2,5m, ISSOM
Previous map: 1:5000, e=2,5m, 2010, ISOM
Area of fortress, many man-made objects, some vegetation objects, ditch around the fortress, many terrain details,
good to very good visibility; semi-open areas.
Last FootO competitions held in 2016. Never used for TrailO
The quality of trails – prevailingly hard surface. Extra pushers will be provided in places that are more difficult
to pass.
Course: TempO Qualifications: 6 stations with 4 tasks each.
Course length – 2.6km.
TempO Final: 5 stations with 5 tasks each. Course length – 1.4km.
“The qualification will be in 2 parallel heats. The composition of competitors for qualification will be determined according
to the IOF TrailO rules 12.8. point. The best 18 competitors from each heat will qualify for the final.”
Services: Water and toilets will be available in both quarantines.
Lunch and refreshments will be available at the Competition Centre. Toilets will be available at quarantine and Competition Centre.

August 7, PreO 1 competition, Daugavpils 16th Secondary school
Coordinates - Lat: 55.9041025, Lon: 26.5295617

The competitors have to be in event center 30 minutes before their start. There will be transports by bus to the start and back from the finish (about 10 minutes). Competitors with heavey wheel chairs will be allowed to drive to start and collected by their helpers. Those who finish before 12:00 have to wait in finish area until 12:00.
Map: Jaunā Forštate, 1:4000, e=2,5m, ISSOM
Previous map: 1:5000, e=2,5m, 2010, ISOM
High density of forest trails, many vegetation objects and contour
details, semi-open areas, medium to good visibility. Last FootO competitions
held in 2012 and TrailO 2014.
Course: 28 controls + 1 TC with 2 tasks (at beginning of the course).
Including one-way section with refreshments & toilet – NOT timed out.
Length – 1.74 km. Control time – 136 minutes. Height sum – 25 metres.
Services: Refreshments in quarantine and start zone. Toilets will be
available in quarantine/start/finish area.

August 8, Model 2, Go-cart track “Blāzma”
Coordinates - Lat: 55.8489258, Lon: 26.5353488

Map: kartodroms “Blāzma”, 1:4000, e=2,5m, ISSOM
Previous map: never used for orienteering before
Area of cartodrome covers the majority of the map, few trails, many small terrain
objects, good to very good visibility.
Course: 10 controls. In 2 parts, part one - 5 controls, part two - 5 controls. Course length – 0.7km
(0.46km and 0.24km). Control time – 51 minutes.
Services: Toilet and refreshments in the parking place.

August 9, PreO 2 competition, Jaunā Forštate quarry
Coordinates - Lat: 55.9339228, Lon: 26.5305768
Competitors are not allowed to proceed to the event arena before their start, but have to remain in the car park/ pre-start area. Any team officials / spectators who want to go to the event centre / finish zone will have to arrive there
before 9:30 and are not allowed to leave it and return to the car park until the last competitor started (approx. 12:30).

Map: Forštates karjers, 1:4000, e=2,5m, ISSOM
Previous map: 1:5000, e=2,5m, 2010, ISOM
Area of quarry covers the majority of the map, few trails, many small terrain objects, good to very good visibility. Last FootO competitions held in 2012. Never used for TrailO.
The quality of trails – roads with diverse surface. Part of course will be covered with carpets. Extra pushers will be provided in places that are more difficult to pass.
Course: 33 controls + 1 TC with 2 tasks (at beginning of the course). In 2 parts, part one 26 controls, part two 7 controls. Timed-out section with toilet and water between parts. Course
length – 1.65 km (1.45 km + 0.20 km). Time limit: paralympic - 168 minutes, open – 148 minutes.
Height sum – 32.5 m.
Special note: Due to an abundance of rootstocks near the road, there will be NO rootstocks shown on the PreO Day 2 competition map.
Services: Toilets/refreshments will be available in start zone and competition center. There will be also toilets/refreshments after first part of course.

August 10, Relay competition, Open air stage “Stropu estrāde”
Coordinates – Lat: 55.8916592, Lon: 26.5749249
All competitors have to be in quarantine by 8:30.

Map: Stropu estrāde, 1:4000, e=2,5m, ISSOM
Previous map: 1:5000, e=2,5m, 2010, ISOM
Mature, open forest, few vegetation objects and many contour details, medium to good visibility.
Last TrailO competition 2010, Local Foot O competition 2010
Course: 30 controls in total. Each competitor chooses 10. Competitors use pin punches at each control to mark team card (one field per
control) to indicate which controls have been solved. No additional marks with pins or pen allowed.
1 TempO station with 4 tasks (at the end of course, different for all three legs of the relay).
Total length – 5.74 km. Time limit – 262 minutes.


* Minimum height for knolls and ant hills – 60 cm.
** The borders of yellow/white vegetation are drawn at trunk/flag level rather can canopy level.


Zero problems are either on a different object, at least 4m from the correct location or 135o from the correctly described position.


• The Competition rules for IOF Trail Orienteering Events will be applied to participation in the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2018.
• All competitors, regardless of sex, age or physical ability/ disability are eligible to be entered for the Open Class competition.
• Only competitors, who have a permanent disability that significantly reduces their mobility and have an official IOF certificate confirming this, are eligible to be entered for the Paralympic Class.


Organizers are fully committed to support the efforts of the anti-doping authorities (26.4.point IOF TrailO rules).


In August, the average temperature in Daugavpils is 21-25˚C during the day and 13-17˚C at night.
Small, local thunderstorms with rain are possible.


Assistants to push wheelchairs will be provided on all event days. Please inform organizers about need of pushers by writing to e-mail liga.ruksane@woc2018.lv. It will be possible to charge the batteries for electric wheelchairs in all event centres.


With regard to the IOF Competition Rules (article 26.6), the embargoed areas are forbidden for potential WTOC2018 athletes, team officials and other persons that may be in a position to give information to the team members.

From this moment, all potential WTOC 2018 event participants, coaches, and team officials, as well as all those people, who could supply WTOC team members with information about the terrain, are not allowed to enter the embargoed areas as indicated on the map.
Athletes and officials must take into account that TempO restricted area includes the hotel „Rotko centra rezidences”, located in Mihaila street 3, is within the restricted area, thus access to this hotel is forbidden until the end of the TempO events.
More information and maps of the embargoed areas are available on the WTOC2018 website: https://www.woc2018.lv/wtoc/embargoed-areas/


Sport Ident will be used for PreO and relay, in accordance with the Competition Rules for IOF Trail Orienteering Events (http://orienteering.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/IOF-Trail-ORules-2018_v1.3final.pdf). Competitors will be issued an SI card which will be put in team bags and received at accreditation.
The correct number of SI stations will be provided in a carousel at each decision point.

If one or more SI stations not work or be missing, the competitor should punch the backup boxes provided on the competition map using the backup pin punch provided at each control.
If the backup has been used, but a different answer for the control has been recorded in the SI card, it will be considered as incorrect.

The competition maps for PreO courses and the relay will include 3 lines with 6 boxes each (AZ) for this purpose. Competitor should notify the finish official if they used pin punches, who will note the number of the control punched and competitor’s name on the map and pass the map on to the results team.

In the PreO events, the controls have to be punched in the correct order. Any controls that have been missed will be counted as no answer given, even if punched later, and any control punched more than once with different answers will be counted as incorrect.
For example sequence 1, 2, 3, 6, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 will result in controls 4, 5 and 8 to be counted as no answer given. If the competitor had puched answer B for control 6 both times, the first punch will be counted as the answer given. If answers punched are different, they will be counted as incorrect.

In the relay, competitors can visit controls in any order. In cases when the competitor has punched more or less controls than required for their leg, the procedures outlined in IOF
TrailO rules Appendix 6 will be applied. If a competitor used the backup pin punches, this is considered as one of their answers, and thus the number of controls considered from the SI card will be reduced accordingly.

In TempO answers will be recorded using the ANT system by the marshals at each station. The competitor carries a backup card in which the official will record the answers. This card will serve as a proof of answers to the competitors, but should be kept save as it might be collected in case of failure of the electronic recording system.


There are no special regulations (except IOF TrailO rules 21.6, 33.1 and 33.2 point) concerning the type of footwear or clothes on the terrain: however it is recommended to protect yourself against insects (mosquitoes, ticks) and sun.


25.05.- 27.05.2018. Daugavpils Cup - Daugavpils, PreO, PreO, TempO, PreO.
Website: http://okstiga.com/
29.06.- 01.07. 2018. “Kāpa - 2018” – Pāvilosta - PreO, PreO, TempO
Euroepan Cup in TrailO 2018
Website: http://2018.kapa.lv


Entries via IOF Eventor. The entry form is available here:
The Event start date is 4 August 2018.
Entries are done by the National team manager.
Team Size Entry
The following information shall be filled via IOF Eventor:
- Team manager (Chosen from list in IOF Eventor)
- Number of Team athletes (Men and Women)
- Number of Team Officials
- Number of Teams for the Relay(‘s)
The deadline for Team Size Entry is June 4, 2018 (- 2 months).
Team Names Entry
The following information shall be filled via IOF Eventor:
- Name of each Team Athlete by selecting from federation members in IOF Eventor. The deadline for Team Names Entry is 25 July 2018 (- 10 days).
Competition Entries
Names of the competitors and, if required, their starting group, shall be entered in IOF Eventor, before 12 noon on the day before an individual competition.
Names of the competitors and their running order shall be entered in IOF Eventor, before 12 noon on the day before a relay competition.
Late Entries, Changes of Team Size or Team Names
Late Entries and changes will be accepted, if possible, up to Event start date, 4 August at 23:59 hours. No late entries or changes will be accepted after that date. Late entries and changes will always have a defined extra cost (surcharge). Late entries and changes will always be treated equally and must be communicated directly to the organiser. The organiser makes the changes in IOF Eventor after deadlines.
June 4 to July 25: surcharge 20% on new entries and withdrawals receive an 80% refund.
July 25 to 4 August: surcharge of 50% on new entries, withdrawals receive a 50% refund.
Name changes in this period cost 10 EUR.
After the Team Size deadline (-2 months), the organiser will invoice the federation for entries and services. The invoices should be paid before 22 June 2018 (- 6 weeks). If the Federation have done changes after that date it will be paid/refunded on the event at the Event Office.
Confirmation for eligibility for Paralympic participants
Valid paralympic certificates for competitiors have to be handed in competition center latest by 5th August 10:00. The certificates will checked for eligibility.


Accreditation fee for Athletes 105 EUR*
Accreditation fee for Team Officials 105 EUR**
Accreditation fee for Accompanying Persons 75 EUR**
Entry fee for PreO day 1+2 100 EUR
Entry fee for TempO 70 EUR
Entry fee for Relay (per team) 120 EUR
*Accreditation fee includes participation in 2 model events as well as banquet, free public transport and parking in the city.
** Accreditation fee includes participation in 2 model events and open Pre-o competition as well as banquet, free public transport and parking in the city.


IMPORTANT – the payer shall cover all bank charges.
Payment details:
Registration No.: 40008021960
IBAN: LV14 RIKO 0002 0131 1137 2
DNB Banka
Address: Grostonas iela 6b, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvia
Federation can request copies of invoice via email: lof@lof.lv


Preliminary entries received to 22nd May.


Our partners:
Suggested accommodation, which is also location for Competition centre and also Gala ceremony – Park Hotel Latgola (Ģimnāzijas str. 46, Daugavpils).
Dimensions of business class rooms are suitable for wheelchair users. There is a ramp at the main entrance, wide corridors and elevator. There is one room adapted specially for wheelchair.
Wheelchair battery charging will be made available at the hotel.

The rooms can be booked by calling +371 65404900 or by writing an e-mail to:
reception@hotellatgola.lv, quoting key-words „WTOC2018 or WORLD TRAIL ORIENTEERING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018”.
Hotel website: http://www.hotellatgola.lv/

Wheelchair accessible. The rooms are on the ground floor. Shared toilet and shower accommodated for disabled persons in corridor. There is a shared kitchen on the ground floor.
Triple room
An iron, tea kettle, writing-desk, heating, hair-dryer, shared shower rooms and toilet, TV, refrigerator, wake-up service.
Price: 30 EUR night
Double room
Individual shower room and toilet, an iron, writing-desk, heating, dressing room, hair-dryer, air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, tea-kettle, cable TV.
Price: 30 EUR night
A possibility to order catering provided right in the hotel (breakfast 4 EUR, lunch 6 EUR, dinner 5 EUR), via Eventor. Application for accommodation and catering has to be made by writing to email: liga.ruksane@woc2018.lv by 1st June.

Other accommodations: http://www.visitdaugavpils.lv/lv/daugavpils/naktsmitnes


Lunch at the price 7,00 EUR per lunch will be provided in competition arenas on request. Lunch orders should be made at registration process (Eventor) as additional service. The money for catering has to be transferred to Latvian Orienteering federation account no later than June 8, 2018.


If you need transport i.e. from airport to competition centre etc., it can be requested individually; please contact liga.ruksane@woc2018.lv
Transportation package “Competition centre – Competition centre of each event (model events included)” is available upon request for EUR 50 per person.


Nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and any thirdcountry national holding a residence permit of a Schengen State do not need a visa to enter Latvia. For more information, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.lv/en/consular-information/entry-into-latvia


Open public event will be held during WTOC on the WTOC courses, on the same days, after the official WTOC programme. The whole event includes 1 TempO competition (WTOC Qualifications),
2 PreO competitions.
(WTOC Day 1 + Day 2) and 2 model events.
Entry fees are 15 EUR per competition, 5 EUR per model event or 40 EUR for the whole event.
Final entries to be made by July 25, 2018.
More information is available at official WTOC web page.


Iluta Kriškijāne: iluta.kriskijane@woc2018.lv, t. +371 26364925



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