Start numbers for PreO Day 2

Due to a technical error, the startlists for PreO Day 2 handed out at the August 8 Team Official's Meeting had the wrong start numbers, showing the numbers for the model events instead of PreO.

To clarify, the start numbers for PreO Day 2 are the same as for Day 1, which are green and starting with 3 for the paralympic group, and black and starting with 4 for the open group. If in doubt, please refer to the corrected start lists available from WTOC 2018 home page, and published on the IOF Eventor.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. The WTOC 2018 team would also like to thank Mr. Toivo Toomas and Mr. Koji Chino for making us aware of the discrepancy.


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