Swedish triumph at Sprint Relay! Maja Alm’s superpower brings bronze to Denmark!

Āgenskalns neighbourhood of Rīga hosted Mixed Sprint Relay race of WOC 2018. This particularly romantic part of Rīga granted its benevolence to the favourites. For the second time in a row Swedish quartet was unbeatable Swiss team finished in strong silver position while Denmark reached for bronze out of almost hopeless seventh position.
33 countries had entered the competition. The silver medallist of sprint ToveAlexandersson took it seriously on the first leg. The leading position was maintained by Emil Svensk and secured by Jonas Leandersson and Karolin Ohlsson. The other two steps of the podium became a subject of exciting battles during each of the legs. Before the decisive leg Czech Republic and Norway shared the silver position. However, none of them reached the podium. The sprint queen Maja Alm who became the World Sprint Champion here in Riga just a day before came onto the stage and bronze award goes to Denmark. The bronze girl Judith Wyder managed to bring home silver for Switzerland, starting her run in fourth position. These strong performances shifted Norway and Czech Republic down to respectively fourth and fifth places. The sixth bouquet of flowers went to Russian team.

Latvian team finished 17th and was quite far from their best achievement – twelfth position in WOC2017 in Estonia. Our neighbours Estonia and Lithuania ranked tenth and eleventh.
On Tuesday, August 7 forest races around Sigulda will start.


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